Core Products

End-to-End Suite of e-Commerce Services

With unrivalled access to our network and that of our airline partners, RPX can offer a superior range of delivery options with all the extras: extra speed, extra flexibility, extra customer services, extra added value, and extra special handling.

Leveraging our strategic cooperation with Postal service operators, our ezWorld solution offers a full range of cross-border shipping services covering destinations in over 190 countries.

  • ezDistribution Service – for International Parcels Delivery

    • To meet the different shipping needs of our eCommerce customers, we also offer ez(Country) solutions. These are specialized lanes with different options for gateway cities, routings, or direct injection, and combine postal and commercial clearance and last mile delivery services in the receiving country.

      ezChina and ezJapan are two of our ez(Country) services, which provide convenient and cost-effective solutions to help our customers send their overseas eCommerce parcels into China and Japan respectively. All of these services provide full track-and-trace through our integrated platform.

    ezWarehousing Service

    • The needs of the eCommerce market face rapid changes, and warehousing solutions play an important role in the supply chain for our customers.

      In addition to our vast network and capabilities, we have also subsidiaries focusing on offering a wide variety of warehousing solutions (i.e. pick and pack, storage, labelling, etc). With our Warehouse Management System (WMS), customers can access their inventories and track order movements easily and transparently to monitor their service level. The WMS is easily replicated and expandable for use in other countries at a regional or global basis according to our customers’ business needs.

      Linking our ezWarehousing with ezDistribution services offers an effective one-stop-shop solution to streamline your logistics processes and save time and costs, helping our customers maximize their business returns.

    Reverse Logistics Service

    • Nowadays, online buyers have high expectations for the services that online sellers provide post-sale, including simple and easy returns. Our Reverse Logistics Service solution helps customers improve their service offerings, whether they are returning items for reselling or meeting other eCommerce objectives. RPX offers this managed return service solution via our ezDistribution Services.

  • Platinum – Time Critical Solutions

    • asset-3

    • A time critical, top priority service tailored for your urgent shipments. RPX’s time critical teams are on hand 24/7, ready to give an immediate response, followed by advice on emergency shipping, routing, logistical requirements and where required RPX staff is available to travel on the next flight to accompany your products.

      The fastest delivery times in the world!

    Gold – Next Flight Out

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    • A premium service to all major destinations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Southern Africa and America. Dedicated pickup and tailored solutions using next available flight guaranteeing that your time critical shipments are delivered significantly faster and more securely than ever before.

    Silver – Express Courier

    • Cost Effective, Safe and Secure global service for your everyday door-to-door delivery needs from Documents, Samples and Heavy Shipments. 24/7 worldwidedestinations, online tracking,personalized and friendly service.

    Pharma/Bio – Cold Chain Solutions

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    • We understand the importance of health care, biological and clinical trial services from speed of delivery to dedicated reliable handling and distribution. Our Pharma/Bio service is designed to offer a range of logistic solutions for transporting temperature controlled pharmaceutical/biological products from airport to airport & door to door in either import or export mode.

    DG – Dangerous Goods

    • DG shipments can reach the destination in a fast, secure and safe way. Tailored solutions are specially managed through our in house team and will be treated with case by case management. We can custom design individual shipments, advise on the best method of shipping, pick-up and do door-to-door delivery.

    RPX Traveler

    • Travel light and let RPX ship your personal belongings around the world, while saving on expensive airport and airline excess luggage fees. We offer door to airport worldwide & door to door on selected routes. Ideal for students, expats and tourists.

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